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Posted by Joseph Wurcher on March 5, 2008

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can I post a podcast

Posted by Joseph Wurcher on August 8, 2007


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Signing off

Posted by Joseph Wurcher on January 4, 2007

This blog is now officialy closed.  As part of AU Online, I started a new blog and that can be found at – or you can go to AU Online –

 Thank you for reading my first AU Blog and I hope you will find my new AU Blog just as useful.


Joseph Wurcher

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Discounts from Autodesk Bookstore

Posted by Joseph Wurcher on December 8, 2006

…here is a message I received that might be of interest to you: 

Missed AU? Everyone can get the AU discounts on Autodesk courseware
The Autodesk Bookstore debuted at AU 2006, with specials on the dozens of Autodesk Official Training Courseware and Autodesk Learning Tools titles. Bookmarks in attendees bags advertised an AU special discount on the Autodesk e-store for 20% off. Books flew off the shelf and many titles quickly sold out.

If you didn’t make it to AU, or if the title you wanted sold out before you could get your hands on it, you can still take advantage of this discount until December 31, 2006. Just use Promo Code “AU2006” when buying courseware from the Autodesk Store

For more information on courseware from Autodesk, including a catalog of current titles, visit

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AU Online – Now Open!

Posted by Joseph Wurcher on December 5, 2006

Missed a class at AU?  AU Online is now open. (or  We have posted most of the handouts of this years event and they are available to anyone that registeres on the site.  The 200plus recordings we made will be online in about 2 weeks and will only be available to AU attendees – and later subscription customers as well.  
If you attendeed AU 2006, classes you signed up for at AU will appear in MyAU – your year round, personlized learing catalog.

[If you received a notifcation from TenLinks today, the Autodesk University Online link pointed to a production server in error and is now redirected to the actual AU Online site]

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Technology Main Stage

Posted by Joseph Wurcher on December 4, 2006

Jim Meyer – who works closely with AU sponsors – thought many of you might be interested in the below:

If you missed the Technology Main Stage at AU, you missed a glimpse into a really powerful future – one that will alter (for the better) the way we work sooner that we realize. Read the rest of this entry »

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New Blog

Posted by Joseph Wurcher on December 3, 2006

Over the next few days, I will transition my blog over to it’s new home. I will start a year round blog on everything AU related in the AU Online site. Please add – I will write full time there as soon as I can find a better picture :-)

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Posted by Joseph Wurcher on December 3, 2006

Every year we ask attendees for feedback on AU.  Over 2000 folks reponded – here are some highlights.   We asked if attendees were very satisfied with AU.  94.44% agreed.  1.06% (22 out of 2072) did not agree.  Only 16 out of 2100 would not recommend AU.  Only 15 out of 2105 think AU is NOT a good value.

More survey results are coming in but if I was an election offical and had to call this one, I think it is fair to say that AU 2006 was a huge success.  Not only did we have record numbers of participants (7438 when I checked last Thur.), it also looks like the event delivered what attendees expected.  Last Thursday was also our first meeting for AU 2007 – and I am looking forward to repeating this years success.

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What happend to Day 3 and Day 4?

Posted by Joseph Wurcher on December 3, 2006

I had every intention to post every day – but then AU kicked in.  Working 16 hours and afterwards socializing and networking at the different AU functions took it’s toll and my blog did not get feed.  Chatting with attendees, speakers, and  all other participants at those functions was very helpful to me and I have a TON of ideas for next years AU.  The energy at this years AU was unbelievable. I don’t remember how many times I heard that this was by far the best AU.  One speaker shared that AU 99 in Philadelphia was always his favorite – but we far outdid our-self this year. WOW.

Seeing the back-up at lunch time on day one had me worried.  I was afraid of another logistical blackeye as we had in Orlando with transportation.  However, our staff and the hotel made adjustments and things went much smoother for the rest of the week.  Plan for next year is to stagger classes so not everyone goes to lunch or breaks at the same time.

AU party on day 3 was great.  Lynn Allen was MC and she was in best form.   I work with Lynn  closely but have seldom seen her better on stage then that evening.  Easy to see why she is such an AU favorite.  Powerpoint comedian [insert name here / can’t think of it] was just as funny as he was last year in Orlando.  I believe HP sponsored him – and it was very funny how he (and Lynn) plugged their sponsor.  Blueman group was good – just not the same when you see them in their home theater.

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How did AU Connect help you?

Posted by Joseph Wurcher on December 3, 2006

Here are the stats:  2870 AU 2006 attendees logged into AU Connect at least once.  On average, every user logged in 5 times and spend 8 minutes on the site.  From what I have seen of the online survey that was filled out on-site at the event, AU Connect users are more satisfied with the AU Connect experience then it is important (4.0 vs 3.8 out of 5).  This are the stats. Now, I would really like to hear your experience with AU Online.   Is this something we should have again for next AU?  What make it more useful to you?  How many folks did you end up meeting at the event that you made contact with on AU Online?

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